Welcome! Our school is closed but do stay and visit.

Redesigned School Logo…
uring this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shreya Saju from Bernadine’s 5th class designed a variation of our school logo to remind us all at Hansfield how we can help to curb the spread of the virus.

Well done Shreya and congratulations on your wonderful design!

Hansfield ETNS Covid-19 Logo designed by Shreya Saju

IMPORTANT School App – Aladdin Connect – is now in use. End of year reports and all future school communication will be delivered via the app. Please contact school immediately if you have not registered. Thank you.

Contact Cathy at hansfieldetns@gmail.com or 0858722323 if you have any questions.

At Hansfield ETNS, we strive every day to create a warm, happy and safe environment to enhance our children’s learning. We cherish difference and respect ourselves and others. By living the ethos of Educate Together we support each other to become the best that we can be in school and in life.

Learn together to live together.