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Hansfield Celebrates Science Week

Science Week has got off to an explosive start at Hansfield!

All classes in the school are taking part in Science Week by carrying out an experiment or 2!

In Third Class we have been learning about nano science and today we had a visit from a real scientist from Trinity College. He explained material science and the properties of materials. We made circuits and tested whether plastic and graphite from our pencils would conduct electricity. Can you guess the results?

We are delighted to have some robotic visitors to our school also. The children are learning how to program Bee-Bots and use them to undertake geographic and mathematical challenges. Thanks to the pupils in Fifth Class who are doing an amazing job at explaining what to do at the stations.

If you want to take part in science week at home you can get some inspiration here!

As the week progressed the experiments and activities continued.  Children from the secondary school came over to hear what we were doing and tried out the Bee-Bots.  Second class interviewed a scientist by skpe and got a tour of her lab!  At assembly on Friday Niall tested our scientific knowledge with a science quiz.  Certificates were awarded to a super scientist from each class and Rushika and Ruhika presented a special experiment on printing.  Here are some pictures of us at work!

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