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Zephra’s First Class Competition Winner

Hello everybody!

This week First Class were asked to write about their Favourite Day in First Class. It was so nice reading and listening to all of your entries. It reminded me of some really fun times we shared together as a class. Thank you! 🙂

This week’s winner wrote about a very special day where we had lots and lots and LOTS of fun. This person made a big effort with their writing and did an amazing job. I like how they clearly described the memory and included lots of opinions too. They also recorded themselves reading aloud.

Congratulations to….. Alex Vintu

Well done, Alex! 🙂

Click to read and listen to Alex’s entry:

I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend!

Zephra 🙂

Zephra’s 1st Class Competition Winner

Hi everybody! I hope you had a fun week of workouts and healthy eating. It was great to see all of your wonderful efforts on seesaw. Well done!

First Class practised their throwing and catching skills and came up with creative ways to catch and throw the ball for this weeks class competition.

This week’s winner came up with a cool way to practise on your own! Why not try it out for yourself? Check it out here:

Congratulations! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! Until next week, stay safe and keep washing those hands 🙂


Get Active at Home Week!! Junior Infants – 6th Class

Hi everyone in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class, 6th class and Realt Aras 🙂

It’s Get Active Week…with one difference….your’e at home!!

We have lots of exciting and challenging fitness related activities planned for you over this week! Make sure to give as many activities as you can ago. You’ll get to try new cultural dances, join in with videos from some familiar faces like Jill O’ Neill who does our after school dance, ‘Jill O’Neill School of Dance’. 

There is a video with some healthy recipes to try, some yoga chill out, some circuit style fitness and a live login zoom class with Carla from ‘Pound Fitness’, see details below for signing up to this class. All these videos and activities are free to you and available right to your sitting room, garden or bedroom!! 

There are some challenges linked to maths and English, not to forget, your teachers should have a weekly competition ready for you also!

i know many of you have been keeping up with Joe Wicks daily PE sessions, so don’t forget to include this also!

Remember, We’re looking for 60 minutes of activity a day…this can be in 3 20minute blocks or any combination you choose!! 

Let’s Get Active ⚽️🏸🏀🥍🤸🏾‍♂️🏌🏽‍♀️🧘‍♂️⛹🏻🚴🏻🏆

We have set up a new email address and would love you to send in some photographs of you completing the activities. These will be used on our school Twitter @HansfieldETNS and a compilation video on our school website. Get your parents to email your photograph to: We look forward to seeing lots of amazing snaps!!

‘Pound Fitness’ Live Zoom Session  with Carla Roberts                                           Tuesday 9th June 2020 for Hansfield ETNS students only 

1pm start time session lasts 20-30mins (Carla will be online from 12:45pm to help log on) 

Go to insert the below information and join the session with video and audio access. 

Meeting Id: 83414148136 

Password: 428363

Please remember your manners, any misbehavior will event in you being removed from the live class (this includes the chat function and video). 

Jun Inf – 6th Class Active Week Learning

Please access the above link to view the weekly grid.

We hope you enjoy ‘Get Active at Home Week’ 


Zephra’s 1st Class Competition Winner

Hello hello hello 🙂

My fabulous First Class have done great work this week – well done to you all! Next week is Get Active Week which I’m sure we’ll all really enjoy. Lots of fun activities are planned so keep an eye out on the school website for further details on Monday morning.

First Class were asked to design a Sun Safety poster this week and I received many terrific entries. Thank you to everyone who had a go and I’m very glad to see that you know how to be “sun smart” while enjoying the glorious weather 🙂

This week’s winner designed a very colourful poster which reflected the bright colours we see during Summer. They also included important tips about how to protect yourself in the sunshine.

Congratulations to Sheza Khan 🙂

Well done, Sheza!

Talk to you all again on Monday 🙂


Zephra’s 1st Class Competition Winner

This week First Class were busy, busy bees as they were asked to make their very own Bee Hotels. They were learning about the importance of bees and why we need to help protect them and provide special spaces for them to safely live.

It was so lovely to see everyone’s entries. First Class made a huge effort and I saw many different kinds of Bee Hotel creations. We now have many homes for bees scattered around Dublin due to everyone’s efforts. Well done!

This week’s winning entry goes to someone who went to great lengths to build and construct a large Bee Hotel. It is beautifully designed and very colourful. This person should be super proud of their Bee Hotel!

Congratulations to……….

Isn’t it fabulous?

Have a super weekend everyone!


Zephra’s 1st Class Competition Winner

I really loved seeing all of the Selfie Sculpture entries this week! First Class were asked to build a sculpture of themselves using personal items and to explain why they chose each item. I saw Selfie Sculptures with lego, teddies, dolls, pyjamas, books, photographs, toys, punching bags, dancing shoes, blankets, table tennis rackets and game controllers… to name a few! It was very impressive! Every sculpture was so unique to each wonderful individual.

Of course there can only be one winner. This person carefully chose and assembled items to make their own creation. What I really liked is that they included a carefully written list of the items they used and clearly explained why they chose them.

Congratulations to… Razy Ishag

Well done, Razy!

Check out Razy’s Selfie Sculpture below:

Zephra’s First Class Competition Winner

This week First Class were asked to design and perform their own workout inspired by some of The Body Coach’s morning workouts.

Thank you to everyone who had a go and made a workout video. It is great to see you having fun and keeping fit. It’s very important to try and workout every day to keep both your body AND mind healthy and strong.

You will find out who this week’s winner is by clicking on the link below. This person designed an energetic workout which is sure to make you super sweaty. I like how this person named each of the exercises too and brought lots of positive energy to their workout.

Congratulations to……. (click to find out!)

Well done! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂