Science Week 10-17 November

Hi everyone, Next week is Science Week! Check out some of these exciting events: If you would like to do a science activity there are lots of ideas here: Have an explosive week!

Project Work in 4th Class


We learnt all about the History of ‘The Romans’ in October. Rang a 4 worked really hard both at home and at school on their projects. We held an exhibition in the hall to present them. First class came to look at all of the creative projects and asked Rang a 4 lots of questions. Well done to the parents/ guardians who helped with the projects at home! Take a look at the incredible work below :)


Maths Eyes in Kathy’s Class


During Maths Week we were very busy creating Maths Eyes.

In groups we drew pictures of famous landmarks, familiar places and ordinary things we see everyday.

Then we composed a series of Maths questions based on these pictures.

We found that there is Maths all around us!

To conclude the week we had lots of fun doing Maths stations in the hall.

Take a look at the photos below :)

P1000977 P1000972P1000967P1000964P1000973

Mental Health Week 2019


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In HETNS this week, all classes were actively engaging in World Mental Health Week activities, particularly on Thursday 10/10, on World Mental Health Day. All classes practised their deep breathing exercises and in senior classes, there were insightful and deep discussions about how we can help our minds stay as healthy as our bodies. Some of the suggestions were restful nights’ sleep, in fact Poppy from Roseanne’s class told us between the ages of 9 and 13, children’s bodies are rapidly developing and 8 to 10 hours sleep is encouraged for optimum functioning. Others suggested exercise (running, walking and sports), reading, jigsaws and maths activities as a way of switching off our thoughts and focusing on something else. We would encourage everyone to find five or ten minutes a day to stop and breathe, breathe deeply, feel it in your belly, switch off your mind and relax in the middle of a busy day. Here’s some of Bernadine’s 5th class posters, telling us all to think of our minds and help each other.

Visit from: Dogs Trust


This week Rang a 4 had a visit from Dogs Trust Ireland and found out about all the work that they do.

They learned that pet owners have a responsibility to care for their pet.

They were shown the correct way to behave when you’re with a dog.

And don’t forget, if you’re scared of a dog – Demonstrate the X – factor method!!!!