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4th Class Distance Learning 29th and 30th June

Dear 4th Class students and parents/guardians,

As this academic year comes to an end we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your engagement with See-Saw over the last number of weeks. You should be very proud of the great work you have all done at home during this time 🙂

Dabledoo music will release some end of year activities including a school disco playlist and a special DJ set during the week. Please check them out at this link: h

Our Raz-Kids trial has now expired but you can still avail of a FREE 14 day trial over the summer by registering at this link:

Summer Stars is the national reading programme for children taking place in all 330 public libraries nationwide and online. Summer Stars is a completely free programme and open to all children. If you are interested in taking part there is more information available here:

Have a great summer everybody and we will see you all again in 5th Class 🙂

Alison, Kathy, Rachel and Seánín

Get Active at Home Week!! Junior Infants – 6th Class

Hi everyone in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class, 5th class, 6th class and Realt Aras 🙂

It’s Get Active Week…with one difference….your’e at home!!

We have lots of exciting and challenging fitness related activities planned for you over this week! Make sure to give as many activities as you can ago. You’ll get to try new cultural dances, join in with videos from some familiar faces like Jill O’ Neill who does our after school dance, ‘Jill O’Neill School of Dance’. 

There is a video with some healthy recipes to try, some yoga chill out, some circuit style fitness and a live login zoom class with Carla from ‘Pound Fitness’, see details below for signing up to this class. All these videos and activities are free to you and available right to your sitting room, garden or bedroom!! 

There are some challenges linked to maths and English, not to forget, your teachers should have a weekly competition ready for you also!

i know many of you have been keeping up with Joe Wicks daily PE sessions, so don’t forget to include this also!

Remember, We’re looking for 60 minutes of activity a day…this can be in 3 20minute blocks or any combination you choose!! 

Let’s Get Active ⚽️🏸🏀🥍🤸🏾‍♂️🏌🏽‍♀️🧘‍♂️⛹🏻🚴🏻🏆

We have set up a new email address and would love you to send in some photographs of you completing the activities. These will be used on our school Twitter @HansfieldETNS and a compilation video on our school website. Get your parents to email your photograph to: We look forward to seeing lots of amazing snaps!!

‘Pound Fitness’ Live Zoom Session  with Carla Roberts                                           Tuesday 9th June 2020 for Hansfield ETNS students only 

1pm start time session lasts 20-30mins (Carla will be online from 12:45pm to help log on) 

Go to insert the below information and join the session with video and audio access. 

Meeting Id: 83414148136 

Password: 428363

Please remember your manners, any misbehavior will event in you being removed from the live class (this includes the chat function and video). 

Jun Inf – 6th Class Active Week Learning

Please access the above link to view the weekly grid.

We hope you enjoy ‘Get Active at Home Week’ 


4th Class Distance Learning 25th – 29th May

Dear 4th Class students and parents/ guardians,

Thank you all for continuing to engage with Duolingo (languages), Raz-Kids (reading) and See-Saw. Again, we remind you all that there is no pressure to do all of the activities.

The activities on See-Saw this week focus on the theme: ‘The Sun’ and some Maths revision.

The class competition this week is to build a tower as tall as yourself! When planning your design you should focus on stability. Use any materials at home that you see suitable to make a tall and well balanced tower.

Alison, Kathy, Rachel & Seánín

4th Class Learning from Home 18th-22nd May

Good morning 4th Class,

We hope all of you are keeping well and safe. We miss you all very much and we can’t wait until we are back in the classroom again.

Well done to everyone who is posting their fantastic work on Seesaw each week. We are delighted that you are engaging with the activities.

This week’s learning grid is below. We hope you enjoy the activities and this week’s competition.


Keep safe,

Alison, Kathy, Rachel and Seánín.

Emma’s Waterways Video

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying all this fantastic sunshine we’ve been having. Hopefully you’ve been able to do lots of fun things and spend some time on your hobbies. Here’s a video telling you all about some of my hobbies and how I became interested in them. I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂

Guess the Songs!

Good morning to you all! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Please check out the video below which features some recognisable tunes on the flute and beautiful artwork from the children in my class and their families. We hope you enjoy 🙂



4th Class Learning from Home 11th-15th May

Good morning everyone in 4th Class,

We miss seeing your faces every day and we hope you and your families are keeping safe and well.

Well done on all of the fantastic work you’ve done Seesaw so far. It’s great to see your hard work and learning continue through this time. This week’s learning grid is below, we hope you enjoy the activities.

4th Class Distance Learning Grid 5 – 11th-15th May

Alison, Kathy, Rachel, Seánín

Rachel M Competition Winner #3

Happy Friday everyone!
Well done 4th Class on all your great work on Seesaw this week.
This weeks competition was to create a bridge strong enough to hold the weight of a small car. There was some fantastic entries.
This weeks winner is Kevin! Kevin created his bridge using LEGO.
Great work Kevin ☺️