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Emma’s Waterways Video

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying all this fantastic sunshine we’ve been having. Hopefully you’ve been able to do lots of fun things and spend some time on your hobbies. Here’s a video telling you all about some of my hobbies and how I became interested in them. I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂

Guess the Songs!

Good morning to you all! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Please check out the video below which features some recognisable tunes on the flute and beautiful artwork from the children in my class and their families. We hope you enjoy 🙂



Storytime with Annie on Phoenix FM

Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping well.
Today’s episode of School’s Out on Phoenix fm 92.5 at 1:40 features Annie reading a version of the Emperor’s New Clothes by Roald Dahl.
Enjoy 😁
Or catch it later on

Storytime with Fergal!

Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping well. Today’s episode of School’s Out on Phoenix FM 92.5 at 1:40 features Fergal reading ‘Okani and the Crocodile Queendom’ by Kensika Monshengwo and Colette Mpia Akomuni.
Enjoy 😁
Or catch it later on


Hansfield ETNS on the radio!

We are very excited to be part of ‘School’s Out’, a radio programme on Dublin 15’s community radio station, Phoenix FM (92.5). Tune in for storytelling with familiar voices from our school starting today at 13:40 with a reading of ‘The Cat in the Hat’ by Emily.


Learning for Spring Holidays

Happy Friday Hansfield families!

I hope that you are all keeping well and settling into the “new lifestyle” that has been imposed on us all.

It’s important, especially for children to establish a daily routine while confined at home at this time. Children feel safer because routines are predictable and routines give them a little bit of independence – which makes family life easier for parents to manage also! Meal times, homework time, house chores time, exercise time, bed time etc

The present situation though catastrophic, presents a golden opportunity for parents to allocate a daily household responsibility to everyone living in your home. Nobody is too young to lend a hand to get through the myriad of household jobs that need to be done for everyone’s benefit. Younger children can “help” adults to do these jobs around the house. An added bonus is that these responsibilities can continue when we’re all back to “normal” again.

If the Corona virus pandemic hadn’t occurred, we would all be beginning our Spring/Easter holidays this afternoon and the children would be on holidays from school for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, as we will all be housebound for the duration, the holiday plans that we may have made will not now come to pass, though we may have discovered some great new family activities to do instead during the past few weeks.

Despite the extraordinary circumstances, all schools and families have been advised to take the 2 weeks holidays from school work. Teachers and families have really worked hard over the past few weeks learning how to learn in a different venue using different methods. We all need a break from our new way of learning/teaching to give us a chance to draw our breath and let the “frenetic dust” die down a bit before we start off again.

As we all know, every family’s circumstance is different. The 2 week break without prescribed learning activities will be welcomed by some while others will need to have a learning focus for their children during that time.  The plan that we have come up with will hopefully suit all families’ situations.

We are going to design a project/research-type activity for each class to work on over the 2 week break. It’s completely optional. There is no obligation on any family to engage in the project work. You only engage if it suits your family to do so. The teachers will upload the projects today.

There is no need to upload the project to Seesaw or wait for teacher feedback. The learning from the project is in the family working together and learning together and helping each other out. It’s the process that’s important. Maybe you could make a video presentation mentioning all the “helpers” in the credits. Maybe you could email it to your relatives or friends? Maybe you could print it out, make it into a book with covers and put it in the school library when we all return again?

Because the workbooks (Spellbound/Maths Mastery etc) that you have at home take the 2 week spring break into account, please do not continue to do the daily activities in these books.

I have watched the RTÉ2 programme “School Hub” (which is on from 11am to 12 noon every day during the spring break) and I think that it is JUST FANTASTIC! This is a really worthwhile way for parents to continue their children’s earning during the holidays. It caters for all classes, it’s inclusive and it’s bilingual – BRILLIANT!

Congratulations to all the class competition winners this morning – poems about spring and beautiful spring posters.

If you have any issues with Seesaw or Razkids after the 2 week break, please email and we’ll do our best to sort you out within 24 hours.

Thanks to Joe for organising his weekly “Family Fun Quiz” – hope that you enjoyed doing that together at home – Mr.Google is a great man I find J

I hope that you all liked the staff video that Alo compiled. We enjoyed making it too! Must change my glasses!!

A new weekly homework grid will be posted on the school website on Monday 20th April.

In the meantime, enjoy your 2 week learning break and best of luck with the Family Project if you decide to do one.


Seesaw – Please Read!

Hello all, 

We are very excited about posting our activities on Seesaw on Monday morning. Class teachers have been busy preparing some very interesting and fun lessons for you to get stuck into!

Thank you to those of you who have engaged with Seesaw thus far. For anyone who would like to sign up to Seesaw, please do so before Thursday as the class codes will expire then!

We’re confident that you will really enjoy Seesaw and see what a useful platform it is to us all, particularly in the current situation in which we find ourselves. There were a couple of very minor issues with Seesaw this week, which I suppose was inevitable with us launching a learning platform that is new to most of us in such a short space of time. 

We hope we didn’t cause you any undue stress; it certainly wasn’t our intention. We also hope that most of your questions are answered in the guide which was posted here on Thursday:

For clarity, we just want to explain how Seesaw will work between teachers and children/parents. This is to ensure that the process is crystal clear for everyone when we get started on Monday. 

The process is this:

  1. Teacher assigns an activity to the whole class.
  2. Children (with parental help where necessary) respond with their answers to the activity.
  3. Teachers will review their work and provide feedback to the children individually.
  4. End of communication.

We hope you understand that it would not be appropriate for children/parents to message teachers on Seesaw. We’re sure that all families will understand and respect this. Kindly note that teachers will not respond to any such messages.

Occasionally, teachers may send additional messages to the whole class, which you will see in the ‘inbox’ area of the app. These are whole-class messages. There is no option for teachers to send private messages to individual pupils.

We look forward to seeing lots of amazing work coming our way next week! We hope you enjoy becoming familiar with Seesaw and maximize it’s amazing potential!

Thank you.