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Online learning at home…

Following on from this week’s parent teacher meetings, where we discussed spending some of the children’s screen time looking at apps and websites that may be beneficial to learning at home, please have a look at the following apps and websites that your child (together with you) may benefit from spending some of their screen time on;


This helps with reading and comprehension

This website covers grammar and literary features, very useful to help with understanding writing

*Both English and maths included on this site, lots of great games


A very comprehensive site covering all of the 5th class maths strands

Fun website with lots of great games

Gaeilge (Irish)

At Hansfield, we are very aware that parents often struggle with assisting children with learning Gaeilge, there are some nice websites here that will help your child learn. These are also a great  way to expose them to hearing the language in a real, live and meaningful way.

Choose Irish from the settings and create a profile

An Irish TV station broadcasting through the medium of Irish, also feel to watch some Irish TV programmes on TG4

Bain sult as!

*Some of these links are set up for 5th class but are easily suited to other class groupings by clicking the chosen year/class/grade