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A Super Sports Day – Aisling’s Class

We enjoyed our annual Hansfield ETNS Sports Day fun on Friday. We each got a certificate for being excellent competitors and cheering on our friends. We even got a special treat of ice cream before we left the green! We finished the day with activities and games back at school after gobbling up our healthy lunches. We have a few pictures for you to enjoy below.

IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1879 IMG_1880 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1886 IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1890IMG_1852 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1862 IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1871

Room 5 have fun with salt painting – Aisling’s Class


On Thursday we explored painting with salt.

It was lots of fun and an art technique that was new to us.

IMG_1758IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1763 IMG_1765 IMG_1766 IMG_1769 IMG_1771

First we squeezed pva glue patterns on some card.

Next, we dunked the card in a tub of salt.

After that we shook off any additional salt.

We left our work to dry.

Later that afternoon we took out our watercolour paints.

We carefully dabbed droplets of watercolours on the salt.

We watched in surprise as the watercolours travelled up the salted lines!

Have a look at us hard at work!

IMG_1770 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1774

Room Five Make Mosaics – Aisling’s Class




Thursdays are special days in our room because we get to experiment with our art skills!
Today we made flower mosaics using clay, beads, dyed beans and chickpeas.IMG_1654
IMG_1652 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1658

First we kneaded the clay and flattened it.
Then we used plastic pots to cut round circles of clay.
Next we drew our flower shape in the clay using pencils.
Finally we pressed a selection of dried beans and beads into the clay.
Take a look at the final product!

IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1664 IMG_1665 IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1671

We had a little clay left over so we made even more wonderful creations using our imaginations and our fine motor skills!

IMG_1672 IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1679 IMG_1681 IMG_1683

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Friday Fun Day – Room 5 – Aisling’s Class



We had such fun in school on Friday. The sun came out and we spent the morning exploring shadow and light outside. Take a peek at our pair work: we worked in twos, taking turns to trace one another’s shadows!


Later we enjoyed a treat provided by the PTA – Brickz 4 Kidz! We learned how to follow instructions and work together to build little Lego trains. When we were done, we pushed them around our room and made extra pieces using our imaginations.
Have a look at some of our great work below!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day From Room 5

The boys and girls in room five have made some wonderful art to share the traditional Irish tale of the leprechaun and his pot of gold.


A leprechaun is small and green,
he hides where he cannot be seen.
But if you catch him on this day,
he must give his gold away!



We sponge painted rainbows using recycled goods from ‘Recreate’.
We cut and glued golden foil, paper pots and clouds to complete our colourful art work.

Lå Fhéile Pådraig Shona Duit!