6th Class Work – Week 2

6th Class Pupils,

We hope you are all keeping safe and healthy while the school is closed. Remember the importance of washing your hands regularly; wiping down tables, work tops and door handles; social distancing!

Here is your work for Week 2 of the school closure: Mon 23rd – Fri 27th Mar.

Read the instructions carefully. We have not included anything that you won’t be able to do, so we expect a high standard of work from you all.

Like last week, you have one week to do this work. Please do a little bit each day. Complete the written work in the new copy with which you were provided last week. Please write the subject and date at the top of your work. Keep it neat and well presented.

Homework Books

In Spellbound, Réalta Litriú, Master Your Maths, Tables Champions (where applicable), each class should do the next unit in each book. This includes your sentence work in spellbound.


This is a worksheet on ratio, to do throughout the week. Some of this is revision; it comes up in homework all the time! Some of this may be new. So please just try your best with it. Ratio


You should be doing 15 to 20 minutes reading each day. Please do some ReadTheory for those of you with access. This will be checked regularly by your teacher. If you don’t have access to this, read a library book or novel that will challenge you.

You can also rent ebooks for free from your library. Please see this website and app. Borrow Box.

English / Science

‘How does a plant make food?’. See page 74 in Word Wizard. Read page 74 and answer the activities on page 75. Answers in your copy please.

Please also complete the phonics and grammar activities on page 76 and 77. Everyone should have your Word Wizard at home. If you don’t, here are the relevant pages: Word Wizard Unit 13


We have been learning about the Irish War of Independence in history. Read over the following information about the War of Independence. The Irish War Of Independence (1)

Summary Writing: a summary should be written in your own words. Do not just copy from the slides!! Summary writing is an important skill to learn for studying for exams in secondary school. Write a summary on the following: 1) Black and Tans, 2) Bloody Sunday, 3) The Anglo-Irish treaty 4) Eamon De Valera


Complete a project on a country of your choice. Read the following instructions carefully. Week 2 SESE Geography


We know you may not have a lot of art equipment at home. However, everyone has access to a pencil and paper. So please try the following sketching activiy:


It’s important to get some exercise while school is closed. The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, is doing PE lessons every morning at 9:00am on YouTube while schools are closed. He also has a wide variety of excercise videos that you can access on YouTube. Try to follow along to at leas one video each day! No equipment necessary, just copy Joe’s exercises!

Please be sensible while school is closed. Remember the ways to be careful: Wash your hands regularly. Clean surfaces at home that you use a lot, such as the kitchen table or work tops. Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Avoid crowds or groups of people. Stay at home except when it’s absolutely necessary to go out or if you are getting some exercise. This will help keep you all safe and healthy.

Thank you.

Stephen, Emma and Alo.