What Junior Infants have been up to….

We’ve been very busy this week in school!

We’re starting to settle into the routine of school and learning how to make our class happy. We decided our class is happy when……

  • We are kind
  • We walk nicely
  • We put up our hand to speak
  • We listen 
  • We tidy up

During maths lessons, we’ve been sorting objects by colour (yellow, red, blue and green), matching and counting. We do a new colour every week, ask your child what’s the colour of the week! :)

We’ve been doing lots of activities to make our fingers nice and strong (to get us ready for using pencils soon). Activities like cutting, threading beads, pegs, playdough and pre-writing activities.

We’ve met Leo, Jóidí and Zufaí who are our new (puppet) friends for teaching us words and phrases ‘as Gaeilge’. 

We’ve gone on a tour around our new big school and drawn maps of what we saw. We’ve been singing lots of songs and reading many stories.

Next week in school, we’ll be discussing the topic ‘When I was a baby’ . We would like the children to bring a baby photo of themselves to school so they can talk about how they have grown. All photos will be returned but we would like to make a display with the baby photos for a few weeks.

From next Monday, all children will have blue communication books. This gives parents and teachers a chance to communicate any messages or queries they might have. Please check notebook daily and leave open if there are any messages for teachers.

We’ve really enjoyed meeting and working with all the new Junior Infants to date and we are sure it will be a great year with your support.

Niamh, Lisa and Cliona.

Working hard at our pre-writing

Working hard at our pre-writing