Butterflies in Junior Infants

Our five caterpillars arrived one morning in May. We then had the job of preparing everything we needed to help our caterpillars with their transformation into butterflies.

We kept our caterpillars in their jar where they had plenty of food to eat. We saw them shed their exo-skeletons many times before they finally made their cocoons or chrysalis. We collected fresh flowers to line the bottom of the net so they had nectar when they emerged from their cocoons.


Collecting fresh flowers


We then had to carefully transfer the cocoons (which were attached to the lid of the jar) into the butterfly net. The cocoons began to shake like crazy when we moved them, but we had learnt that this was a natural thing they do to scare off predators.


Cocoons (attached to lid) in the “chrysalis station” in the butterfly net

The cocoons looked the same for about 7-10 days but we knew that there was amazing transformations happening inside. The butterflies emerged at different times from their cocoons after a week. We had to give them time to pulpate their wings and then we all went outside to Tír na nÓg to release the butterflies.


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One of our Painted Lady Butterflies

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