Fabulous Fireworks!

Happy New Year everyone!
We are all delighted to be back in school and are as eager as ever to learn.
We talked and have written about how we celebrated the beginning of the new year and how lots of people use fireworks for celebrations.

From this we made some fabulous firework pictures using coloured chalk on black sugar paper. Then we decorated these with sequins, glitter, buttons and coloured matchsticks. We hope you like looking at them as much as we liked creating them.

image7 image6 image5 (2) image4 (2) image3 (2) image2 (2) image1 (2)

We also thought long and hard about our new years resolutions. There were lots of brilliant ideas from doing more exercise and eating healthy foods to stopping nail biting and playing more!! We put these on the tree in our classroom to remind us what we are gong to work on. Did you make a new years resolution?