Busy Days in Denise’s Junior Infants

We have been very busy in the last while in room 6. We have learned lots of exciting new things.

We have have been scientists and carried out lots of different experiments to answer the questions we asked.

Can we make butter using just cream?

IMG_0292 IMG_0290IMG_0289

Does it float or sink?

We made our hypothesis and then carried out tests to figure it out.

IMG_1465IMG_1463  IMG_1461 IMG_1459

Will jelly dissolve in cold water?


We have also been busy learning through play in our Aistear room.

We have been in in our own Aistear train station and we visited the real train station too.


We even got to see a real train passing through!

20170504_112308 20170504_112341 20170504_11130520170504_112252 20170504_111200

We have been learning about the airport this month.

IMG_0291 IMG_0290   IMG_0287 IMG_0284IMG_0283


The sun was shining brightly last Friday when we visited Rathbeggan Lakes for our educational excursion.

We has so much fun singing songs on the big white bus, playing games in the playground and chasing bubbles in the sunshine.

IMG_0308 IMG_0305 IMG_0304IMG_0352IMG_0357

We had to be careful not to wake up the fairies when we visited the fairy garden.

IMG_0349 IMG_0345 IMG_0343

We closed our eyes tight and made a wish at the wishing tree.