Science Experiments in Room 3

It has been an exciting few weeks in the world of Science with all our young scientists in room 3. We all learned about materials and change. We explored the effects of heating and cooling on everyday objects, e.g. what happens to water when cooled, and what happens to chocolate when heated. We got our thinking caps on and made some very accurate predictions.

Before freezing After FreezingExperiment Melt 1 Experiment Melt 2

We then moved on to energy and forces, and were delighted to conduct our own experiments to investigate how forces act on objects. We took some everyday¬†materials from our classroom and made predictions as to whether each object would float or sink when placed into water. Have a look at what we got up to….Float 1 Float 2 Float 3 Float 4 Float 5 Float 6 Float 7 Float 8 Float 9 Float 10 Float 11 Float 12 Float 13 Float 14

We enjoyed being young scientists and look forward to more experiments in the future, :)