Jersey Day – Friday 13th October


Good morning everyone,

Hansfield ETNS will be taking part in Jersey Day again this year. This will be on Friday, October 13th.

We ask all children, parents and staff to wear a jersey of their favourite team on that day. The jersey could be for a soccer team, GAA team, rugby team, cricket team, basketball team…..or any kind of jersey that you can get your hands on! And if you don’t have a jersey, then please don’t worry. Maybe you could wear the colours of your favourite team that day instead.

We are doing this to raise some money for GOAL. So we ask everybody to bring in €2 on that day. GOAL are an Irish charity who do important work around the world by helping many people who are less fortunate than us. You can find more information on their website: For the past couple of years we have raised over €400 each time, which is very impressive. So lets try to beat that this year!

Basketball Cricket Mayo Messi NFLSoccer

We look forward to seeing many different jerseys on that day, and hope that everyone will take part.

Thank you.