Update from Stephen’s Class

Good afternoon all,

Well we’re back to school well over a month now so an update from Room 12 is long overdue! It’s been a busy few weeks but the boys and girls in Room 12 have been settling down well lately and doing some fantastic work.

In literacy, we’ve started our reading stations. The children will have a couple of different books every week, which are aimed at their particular level, which will help the children make steady progress. We’ve also been working hard on writing proper sentences – with capital letters at the start and full-stops at the end.

In maths, we’ve been revising over a lot of number work, especially counting forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. We’ve revised over adding work that we did in first class, especially the “bubble time” sums. We’ve also been going over subtraction work – and our counting backwards helps us with this!

In Gaeilge, w’eve been learning about Mé Féin (all about ourselves), bia (food) and catiheamh aimsire (hobbies). The children have enjoyed the songs and games which help us to learn and practice our vocabulary.

In PE, we were developing our throwing and catching skills in September. We are concentrating on gymnastics in October, which the children are making great progress on. In art we’ve painted self portraits, we’ve done graffiti names to decorate the wall and we’ve worked on autumn themed pictures.

In SESE (which is history, geography and science) we’ve been learning about where we live and about Irish myths and legends (Fionn, Niamh and Tír na nÓg). In music we learned a fun song called ‘Shana Tova, Happy New Year) which is a song we learned when we were learning about Rosh Hashanah, we also got to taste some apple dipped in honey, which is a popular treat during Rosh Hashanah. We performed that song in assembly. We have now started learning tin whistle, which I’ sure all the parents can’t wait until we bring them home to practice!

Fan tiúnta!