Surprise Visitor to Senior Infants

Last Friday Senior Infants had Caoimhe, a veterinary nurse, come to visit. She brought her dog ‘Chewy’ with her but when she went to introduce him to the boys and girls, Chewy was not on his lead, he’d gone!
Thankfully, with the help of all the boy and girls, Caoimhe was able to call Chewy and he came back! Phew! Chewy was really friendly and let the children pet him.
Caoimhe spoke to everyone about how to look after dogs and what foods are good and bad for them. She showed us some x-rays of animals that had broken bones or had swallowed things they shouldn’t have. She talked about some animals needing operations and showed us what the vet and nurse have to wear when performing operations. Can you spot the 4 things that they have to wear?

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