Alison’s 3rd Class

It’s been a busy two months in Alison’s 3rd class. Thank you so much to all the mums and dads who visited our classroom to look at our work last week. You made the evening very special and we loved showing you our classroom. Here are some of the things we’ve been getting up to so far this year.

We started the year by creating a time capsule. We wrote about ourselves and put this information along with something special to us in a box. This box will be ‘buried’ in another classroom until we ‘dig it up’ at the end of the year to see what has changed about us.

Time capsule (1) Time capsule (4) Time capsule (13)

We learned all about what fire needs to survive in science and were really lucky to have a visit from some local fire men. They taught us all about fire safety and gave us some really fun learning packs to take home. A huge thanks to John and Paul.Fire safety visit (5)


We also learned about buildings in history and geography. We learned all about what is needed to build a home and then went on a field trip to investigate and take pictures of a local building site. We then used our new knowledge and some recycled materials to make buildings of our own.

Building site field trip (18) Building constructions (2) Building constructions (1)


We had lots of fun wearing our jerseys in to support Jersey day and raise money for the charity GOAL.

Jersey day (3) Jersey day (1)

We’ve been learned about food in Gaeilge (Irish). We used our new words to create menus. We then used these to act out a scene in a restaurant. All ‘as Gaeilge’!

Gaeilge menus

We’ve really been enjoying learning all about the Stone Age. We’ve done lots of exploratory learning, including making our own Stone Age caves in art. To learn more about the Stone Age in Ireland, visit this really interesting interactive website; Mount Sandel Stone Age Settlement

Stone age art stone age art (2)

And finally, this week is maths week. We are really enjoying taking part in lots of different maths themed activities. We’ve visited an estimation station, we’re turning on our maths eyes to enter a poster competition and we’ve been putting our thinking caps on to tackle lots of different puzzles. Click on this link to give one of our tricky puzzles a go at home; Light the lights game. Tomorrow we will be using RUDE (Read, Underline, Draw, Estimate) to solve word problems. This is our new whole school problem solving strategy and may help with word problems in ‘Master Your Maths’ at home.

Stay tuned to hear all about our maths trail, active maths PE stations and all the other exciting work we’re doing in room 14.

Alison :)