Winter Assemblies – TImetable



Good morning folks,

The Winter Assemblies are fast approaching and the school is filled with the beautiful sound of winter songs being rehearsed and practiced around the rooms. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s so enjoyable this time of year around school with all the excitement! :)

The timetable for next week’s extravaganza is as follows:

Monday 18th Dec – Junior Infants at 12.45 pm  and 1st Class at 1.45 pm

Tuesday 19th Dec – Senior Infants at 12.45 pm and 2nd Class at 1.45 pm

Wednesday 20th Dec – 3rd Class at 1.45 pm

Thursday 21st Dec – 4th and 5th Class at 1.45 pm

We look forward to seeing lots of parents, grandparents, guardians etc. next week. Hopefully lots of you can make it! The PTA will be serving refreshments before the show and also have some goodies to buy on the day after the shows.

See you all next week, ho ho ho!