Update from Room 12!

Hello folks,

It’s been a busy few weeks since we’ve come back after the winter break. We have been continuing our important work in reading and maths with station teaching. We have done some fantastic work in ‘exchanging’ in subtraction. Everyone in the class has been doing really well with that.  We have been sketching in art…..including some fantastic birds!

In PE we have been concentrating on our ball skills….kicking, striking (with the unihoc sticks), throwing and catching. Micheál has also been in occasionally doing GAA with us.

Most exciting of all (I think!) has been the beginning of our lessons on Fun Friends. This is a fantastic program designed to teach children important skills for dealing with emotions in life, and for solving problems in social situations. You can read more about it here and here:

Also, we reached our class target of 1,000 dojo points, so we had a class treat of baking cup cakes, which turned out beautifully well! :)

We also have had a parent helper in, Meena, helping us with our reading.

Fan tiúnta! :)

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