Update from 6th Class

Good evening folks,

Welcome to 6th class! This is the very first 6th Class in our school, so this class will always be a bit special in our eyes! We have been busy so far exploring the 6th class curriculum. As there is only one 6th Class, there was no guessing for the children over the summer as to which children might be in their class. However, we did welcome one new girl, Samriddhi, who has been an extremely positive addition to our class. We are also lucky to have Nicola working with us as a support teacher.

In maths, we have been busy exploring the curriculum strand of ‘data’ where we explored trend graphs and how to analyse the information on the graphs. We explored place value, looking at the place value of digits in numbers with seven digits. We have practiced some of the operation skills: multiplication. Most recently, we have been practicing how to multiply numbers containing two or three decimal places.

In literacy, we commenced station teaching recently. Stations include reading a new reader, reading a familiar book, comprehension box work, grammar and word work with Nicola, and cloze procedure work. The stations all have the function of developing the children’s reading, comprehension and writing skills. We have also explored other areas of the literacy curriculum, such as focusing on comprehension skills, such as predicting, inferring, scanning and visualisation. We have also done some essential grammar work to improve our written work.

In Gaeilge, we have been building up our oral language covering ‘mé féin’ and ‘bia’. We are drilling oral questions / answers on this daily. We have explored some grammar as well, such as past tense verbs.

In art, we have been busy decorating the room with our graffiti names, our 3D art, and our colour gradation silhouette work. In PE, we have been working on our fitness in each session, coupled with some other areas of the PE strand such as throwing, catching, kicking in the ‘games’ strand. In SESE we have started some work on China, and the children will complete a project on this later in the month. Watch this space!

In Learn Together, we briefly explored some mindfulness and mindful breathing, which is the ‘moral & spiritual’ stand of the curriculum. We also spoke about ‘World Mental Health Day’ this week, and complete a mindful activity where the children highlight positive things in their lives which make them happy.

It has been a busy few weeks. However, it will probably get a lot busier over the rest of the year….there is much work to be done!

Some pictures below illustrate a sample of the work that has taken place thus far.

Fan tiúnta,


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