Hello from Rang a Trí!

Hi everybody!

Rang a Trí have settled in well to Room 20 and have made lots of new friends since regrouping. The children were eager to start work and set out their goals for the year ahead by writing them down on a balloon.

We have been focusing especially on our reading and comprehension/ understanding in our Literacy Stations with Niamh C. continuing the hard work being done at home. The children are also very excited to be taking part in the MS Readathon which is running through mid – term until November 12th.

There was a variety of national and international colours worn with pride on Jersey Day while lots of money was raised for charity.

During October we started some challenging topics in Maths namely multiplication, division and fractions. We completed a maths trail around the school and played maths games in the hall as part of Maths week. Some children even composed maths songs with one group writing a really cool maths rap!

The children were very generous in bringing lots of lovely items recently to fill a Christmas shoebox for Team Hope (an Irish charity working with children overseas). Our class was keen to help those children less fortunate in many areas of the world.

The children have been very creative painting, constructing and using clay thus far. We made building from recycled materials, drew self – portraits, painted tonal monsters and made clay boulders.

During ‘Halloweek’ we enjoyed a spooky story from the PTA in our train station library. We had lots of fun making spiders which were put on display with the rest of the Halloween art in the hall. We also made colourful Jack O’ Lanterns in class.

Congratulations to Annabelle who was elected on Friday to represent our class on the Hansfield ETNS Student Council.


Hope everyone is enjoying the mid – term break!

Kathy & 3rd Class 3 :)

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