Student Council Election – Results

Good evening everyone,

As you know, on Friday 26th October last, the country voted to elect Michael D. Higgins as our president for a second term. Well, our students in Hansfield ETNS were also voting to elect our student council on the same day.

It was a fantastic occasion in our school and all the children who put themselves forward did themselves proud. Those candidates had to give a speech in front of the other classes in their year group; the standard of which was extremely high from all candidates. Candidates also made posters at home which were displayed around the school.

On Friday 26th, all the children got to vote for the candidates which they felt would do the best job for the children in our school. Our project room on the 2nd floor was converted into a polling station for the day. It was a very close election and the count in each class was extremely close between all candidates. Luckily, the teachers did not have to cast a deciding vote! After all of that, our new Student Council was elected. They are:

Mila (president) – 6th Class

Samriddhi (vice-president) – 6th Class

Abigail (treasurer) – 5th Class

Minna (secretary) – 5th Class

Vincent – 5th Class

Tereska – 4th Class

Evan – 4th Class

Poppy – 4th Class

Jodie – 3rd Class

Hasan – 3rd Class

Annabel – 3rd Class

Congratulations to our new student council members. Congratulations also to the candidates who didn’t get elected on a fantastic campaign, you all did yourselves proud.

Here are a selection of some of the speeches form our candidates, you’ll see how high the standard is!

Thank you.

The Student Council.