Learning About Magnets in Senior Infants

Last week we learned all about magnetic objects, and about a magnetic field. We conducted an experiment, we guessed whether certain objects were magnetic or not and afterwards we put our predictions to the test.

Have a look at what we came up with.

After our experiment was successfully carried out, we had a wander around our classroom to see how many magnetic objects we could find.

IMG_20190111_090748 - Copy IMG_20190111_090813 - Copy IMG_20190111_090825 - Copy IMG_20190111_090835 - Copy IMG_20190111_090835 IMG_20190111_091647 IMG_20190111_093305 - Copy IMG_20190111_093315 IMG_20190111_093455 IMG_20190111_093550 IMG_20190111_093600 IMG_20190111_093603