Nina’s Second Class – Reflecting on Chinese New Year

Hi everyone!

As February comes to an end, Nina’s second class reflect on all of the work they did for this year’s Chinese New Year. We found so many ways to learn about this special celebration.

In geography, we learned all about the fantastic traditions enjoyed during the fifteen days of celebrations, which included dragon dances, fireworks and lantern festivals. In art, we made our own red and gold lanterns and some of us even wrote ‘Happy New Year’ on them in Chinese characters. In history, we learned about ‘The Legend of the Nian’, a fierce monster which used to scare the villagers until they learned that lanterns, fireworks and the colour red would keep him away each New Year. We then acted out this amazing legend ourselves in drama! Then in P.E, we had a brilliant dance workshop where we learned a traditional dance using fans and some of us even got to try the dragon dance!

We just love learning about other cultures and traditions from around the world!

Have a look at some of our photos below.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

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