News from Room 9

We have been very busy in Room 9. We had STEM Week a few weeks ago and we had lots of fun. We had the opportunity to play with Bee Bots and Lego during the week. We also visited the Science Fair in the hall. It was very exciting to try out all the experiments.

DSCN1953 DSCN1954 DSCN1957

DSCN1963 DSCN1965

DSCN1945 DSCN1946

In our classroom we investigated what materials float and what materials sink. We prepared a table to represent our findings in our copies.

DSCN1937 DSCN1938  DSCN1941 DSCN1944

On February 1st we dressed up in our ‘Super Hero’ costumes to raise money for Special Olympics Ireland. Members of the PTA came into our class to play ‘Super Hero’ games. We had lots of fun!


We have been busy making lots of lovely art in our classroom. We made Spring flowers and colourful Lions.

IMG_20190304_143618 IMG_20190304_143652

IMG_20190304_143659 IMG_20190304_143738


We are learning about Money in Maths. We are working with 1c,2c and 5c coins. We played shop with our friends and we got to buy some things in our classroom.

DSCN3819 DSCN3820 DSCN3821

Thanks for reading our news. Pop back soon to hear about all the fun things we are learning in Room 9!