Get Active Week – 2019


Active Week

Attention Parents!

Next week is our second annual ‘Get Active Week’ in school!

The aim of this week is to promote sport and exercise among the children. We hope they will have a lot of fun trying some sports that they already know, and some that they may not have tried before. There is such a focus these days on issues like childhood obesity, mental health & wellbeing and too much screen time. Sport and exercise is a great way to combat all of these issues and we hope to inspire the children in our school into being a little bit more active in their lives outside school.

Parents can also help to support our Get Active Week in the following ways:

  1. Active homework throughout the week – instead of the traditional homework, children will be required to do some physical activity. For example, running for 10 min, doing 20 push-ups etc. We will expect parents to set a good example and get involved too! :)
  2. Walking or cycling to school throughout the week. This is for everyone, but is especially aimed at those families who usually drive their children to school. Could families make an effort to walk / cycle/ scoot / flicker to school throughout the week? Could they park and walk some of the way?
  3. Parents – perhaps you could be a great example to your children and do some exercise that you wouldn’t normally do next week!

Keep an eye on our school website next week for lots of photos from the activities going on around the school!

The GAW Team :)