STEM in Stephanie’s Class!

We love STEM in Room 13, and this year we have had great fun learning all about the different areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Some of our favourite activities have included: building plasticine boats, going on minibeast hunts, investigating the composition of soil, building (miniature) working submarines, creating bubble bombs, measuring the length and area of the objects in our classroom, using the iPads to research sustainability and palm oil production, watching the live feed from the ISS and much more!

We also built Doodlebots. These are small robots that can draw and move independently. We talked about energy and electricity to prepare for this and used batteries and wires to create electrical circuits to power our Doodlebots. We worked in groups and loved collaborating with our friends on this project!

doodlebots 3 Doodlebots 4 Doodlebots5


Doodlebot Video

Another one of our favourite projects to collaborate on were the leprechaun traps we created! We read a book about leprechauns during our St. Patrick’s day preparations, and this led to the discovery of a possible leprechaun in our room – word on the street was, this pesky leprechaun was responsible for many of the items that we had misplaced this year! The children decided the only way to solve our problem was to build some traps and try to catch the leprechaun in the act. Teacher linked this to our work on forces (push and pull) and we decided the trap had to have an element that involved pushing or pulling to qualify as a working trap. These were some of our creations!

Leprechaun Traps Leprechaun Traps2 Leprechaun Traps3 Leprechaun Traps4 Leprechaun Traps5 Leprechaun Traps6


We have loved our work in STEM this year and hope to squeeze in a few more investigations before the summer holidays!