Hard Workers in Room 1 Senior Infants

We have had such a busy year in Senior Infants we haven’t had time to share what we have been up to.

We experimented with objects in water, predicting whether they would float or sink. It was very exciting! We learned about magnetic and non magnetic items as part of our Science curriculum. Afterwards, we predicted what objects our magnets would stick to, then we did some investigating around the classroom. It was great fun experimenting!

We have also learned how to count to 20. We worked in pairs and counted objects hidden around the room.

Anyway, don’t take our word for it! Have a look for yourselves! We hope everyone has a peaceful mid-term break next week ! :)

20200121_114100 20200121_114056 20200121_114048 20200121_114014 20200121_114033 20200121_113957


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