STEM Week in Junior Infants

STEM Week started with a bang with a visit from the Lego trolley and a challenge for the children to put on their engineering hats.

In Room 7 we loved getting creative and seeing what we could build with all the different pieces of Lego and the challenges set to us.

Some people made robots, some made cars, others tried their hands at making animals and bridges and some just let their imagination run wild!

As you can see from the photos below we all had a wonderful time!IMG-0883 IMG-0884 IMG-0885 IMG-0886 IMG-0887 IMG-0888 IMG-0889 IMG-0890 IMG-0891 IMG-0892 IMG-0893 IMG-0894 IMG-0895 IMG-0896 IMG-0897 IMG-0899 IMG-0900