Gillian P.’s 3rd Class Competition Winner

Happy Friday!

I hope you had fun at San Diego Zoo. What a busy week it has been.

Well done to everyone who submitted an entry for the end-of-year T-shirt creation. They were all so colourful and full of sparkles!

The winning fashionista is…. David S! Well done 😀

See David’s T-shirt creation below.


Sinéad’s 3rd Class Competition Winner

Happy Friday!

Well done to everyone you entered this week’s competition. You were asked to design an end of year t-shirt. I was delighted with all the entries. I received a range of colourful pictures, innovative patterns and heartwarming slogans.

Congratulations to this week’s winner………


Check out his t-shirt below!

Hansfield Weekly Quiz #12 – Results

Good afternoon folks,

Big thank you to everyone participating in our last school quiz of the year! There was fierce competition this week. There was one team who finished with 48 points and were clear winners. But then there were 7 teams that finished on 46 points… getting in there early was important. We know it’s a harsh rule, but it’s the only fair way for us to manage it without the option of being able to ask a tie-break question!

So here are the top 5 and the winners of the vouchers! Vouchers will be posted to you next week.

  1. Sara and Talya (48/50) 🥇
  2. Ayrin and Andrea (46/50) 🥈
  3. Nicole Joy (46/50) 🥉
  4. Summer and Libby (46/50) 🥉
  5. Andrei (46/50) 🥉

Here is a list of the top 10, you can see some people were very unlucky to miss out on a voucher!

Well, that was fun. Thank you so much for such brilliant quizzing over the past few weeks. Joe and I have been mind-blown over your knowledge on a huge variety of subjects! Have a great summer everyone, and hopefully we will all be back to school as normal in September (but we know as much as you do in that regard!).

Over and out!✌🏿

Stephen and Joe.

Hansfield Weekly Quiz #12

Good morning all! 

Happy Friday! 😀

Exciting news this morning, we have some prizes on offer for the quiz today, as it is our last quiz of the year. So today, the top 5 will each win a ‘Smiths’ voucher! 🤩

As always, the quiz will open this morning and close at 3pm. So please get submit your answers by then. The same rules apply as always: in case of a tie, the first entry received will be the winner. So while it’s important to enter as early as you can, it’s more important to make sure you take your time and get as many questions correct as possible! Also remember, only one entry per person!

Quiz #12

The quiz will close at 3pm and then the winner will be announced on the school website thereafter. All scores and answers will be released after 3pm. The quiz will open again after the winner is announced and you can enter if you like just for fun!

Thank you.

Stephen and Joe.

The Virtual Variety Show!!

Hi all,

Today’s the day! Our ‘Virtual Variety Show’ video will go live at 7pm. Come see some of our fantastic students as they perform a variety of magical mysteries, sing to their heart’s content, dance like no one is watching and so much more! Here’s the link to come along and watch with us:

If you’d like to post a positive message, comment about our fantastic performers or send them good wishes you can also do so on our padlet wall at this link:

See you all later!

The Variety Show Team