Food Dudes

Food Dudes
Phase One of Food Dudes was a big success in Hansfield. Well done to all the girls and boys for tasting and eating portions of fruit and vegetables including mangetout, oranges, carrots, grapes, peppers, bananas, cucumber and apples. Some children thought that they didn’t like a particular food but discovered on repeated tastings that they developed a taste for it. Congratulations to all the children who earned their stickers, certificates and prizes.
Thanks to the Student Council and all the helpers who counted, sorted and delivered the food to each class every day.
Many children tried really hard to eat fruit and veg at home too. Keep up the good habits!
Phase two is now underway and children are using their Food Dudes lunchbox to bring fruit and veg to school each day.  Keep up the healthy habits and collect all the certificates!
For more information, you can visit the Food Dudes website:
Go Food Dudes!
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