November in Rang a 4


Over this past month we have been exploring the artist Vincent van Gogh. We mainly focused on one of his famous paintings known as ‘The Starry Night’. In small groups we recreated this.

In History we learned about the Celts. We made Celtic houses from clay and painted them. The children worked very hard, especially at home, completing a project based on this topic.

Have a look at the photos below!


Project Work in 4th Class


We learnt all about the History of ‘The Romans’ in October. Rang a 4 worked really hard both at home and at school on their projects. We held an exhibition in the hall to present them. First class came to look at all of the creative projects and asked Rang a 4 lots of questions. Well done to the parents/ guardians who helped with the projects at home! Take a look at the incredible work below :)