4th Class Distance Learning 29th and 30th June

Dear 4th Class students and parents/guardians,

As this academic year comes to an end we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your engagement with See-Saw over the last number of weeks. You should be very proud of the great work you have all done at home during this time 🙂

Dabledoo music will release some end of year activities including a school disco playlist and a special DJ set during the week. Please check them out at this link:
https://dabbledoomusic.com/p/parents-subscription-full-access/?product_id=1787109&coupon_code=20383H h

Our Raz-Kids trial has now expired but you can still avail of a FREE 14 day trial over the summer by registering at this link:

Summer Stars is the national reading programme for children taking place in all 330 public libraries nationwide and online. Summer Stars is a completely free programme and open to all children. If you are interested in taking part there is more information available here:

Have a great summer everybody and we will see you all again in 5th Class 🙂

Alison, Kathy, Rachel and Seánín