June Homework in 3rd Class

Dear Parents,

At Hansfield ETNS we value the holistic education of our children.

As such there will be NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK in 3rd class for the remainder of June.
Allow your child to be busy with the work of the child….PLAY and BE KIND.
Instead use this time to:
*help your parents in the house

*Walk your dog
*Learn a song

*turn off all electronics for one evening
*play /chat with your friend

*visit the library
*tidy your room

*plant a flower
*climb a tree

*go for a walk
*play your favourite sport

*read a book
*play a board game

*chat to a friend
*visit an elderly neighbour/grandparents
*cook/bake a new recipe
*organise a street clean

*make up a new game
*draw, paint, colour, create
*play some music

……in short…..just BE A CHILD

Kind regards,

Niamh and Alison