Emily’s Class

Our first few weeks in Third Class have been busy!  We were delighted to meet our friends again after the Summer break and are especially excited to welcome Alex and Zoey to our class this year.  Next week we are very proud to be inviting our parents to school to show off our new classroom, our seat, our books, copies and artwork.

With help from Deirdre, Maggie and Theresa, literacy and maths stations have begun, during which we undertake a variety of activities such as reading, free writing, grammar, comprehension and educational games on the whiteboard.  Our writing is improving as we focus on specific genres such as procedural and narrative.  In maths we are learning how to do multiplication and division.

As well as singing and dancing in the classroom we have been to visit (and photograph!) the nearby building site to investigate the construction process and the materials used by the builders.  Two firemen came to visit and talk to us about fire safety.

As part of our Learn Together Curriculum we have been learning about Eid, International Day of Peace and the Global Goals.

Currently we are gathering information about the Stone Age and in the coming weeks the tin whistles will be blowing out new melodies!

Thanks to all the parents for your help in making our family trees and sending in historical artefacts for us to examine and chat about.

We look forward to showing you our super work next Wednesday, 18th October! IMG_0011 P1000069 P1000070 IMG_0726 IMG_0735 IMG_1199 IMG_1220 IMG_1216 IMG_1213 IMG_1210 IMG_1206 IMG_1826 IMG_1831 P1000001     P1000060 P1000034P1000060 (2)IMG_1209IMG_1214IMG_1213