3rd Class projects

Hello 3rd class!

It’s time for the first project of 3rd class! The children have been organised into groups in class. They will need to do some research at home to help them complete their group projects in school.

We have been learning about the Atlantic Ocean recently so the projects will be written about animals that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

The projects should include information on;

  • appearance
  • food
  • habitat
  • movement
  • predators
  • the Atlantic Ocean in general
  • hand drawn pictures are always very welcome

Below are links to useful websites for animals that live in the Atlantic Ocean. Click on any of the links to learn more but remember to write down facts for your animal for your group work in class.

Fantastic kids search engine: https://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/home

Atlantic Ocean Facts; http://www.kids-world-travel-guide.com/atlantic-ocean-facts.html

Green Sea Turtles; http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/green-sea-turtle/#green-sea-turtle-closeup-underwater.jpg

Hump Back Whales; http://www.ngkids.co.uk/animals/Humpback-Song

Manatees; http://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-manatees/

Sea Lions; https://www.dolphins.org/kids_sea_lion_facts

Jellyfish; http://www.ngkids.co.uk/animals/jellyfish-facts

Dolphins; http://www.ngkids.co.uk/animals/dolphins

Happy Learning,

Alison, Emily and Niamh