Emily’s Class Excursion to Causey Farm!










Today we visited Causey Farm in Navan, Co. Meath.  We excitedly boarded the bus with our friends and our backpacks.  On arrival we met our guides who showed us to the picnic area and we had a tasty snack.

After our snack we visited the farm where we saw pigs, 6 day old piglets, sheep, goats and puppies.  A little while later we hopped on board a trailer and were driven by a tractor along a bumpy road to the bog.  Along the way we sang songs including the Rattlin Bog and Old MacDonald.

Our next activity was a nature walk and an obstacle course.  We had to travel through tunnels, climb monkey bars and even cross a smelly river on a rope!  Thankfully, nobody fell in!

At the bog we took off our socks and shoes and jumped into the soggy bog.  It was so much fun.  Some of us even got stuck and our friends had to come to our rescue!  There was a competition to see who could get the muddiest and as you can see from our pictures we all made a big effort to win the prize.  Congratulations to Tereska who won a sod of turf!

Lunch was welcome after all that hard work.  Before we returned to school we saw more farm animals and played games including bubble making and a mirror maze.

There were a lot of tired children on the bus on the way home.  What a great day!

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