School Closed for Children

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school will be closed for the children on the following two dates due to mandatory training as directed by the Department of Education and Skills.

1. Monday 26th February – Child Protection Training

2. Tuesday 6th March – New Primary Language Curriculum

The Department of Education and Skills have recently informed all schools that teaching and ancillary staff are obliged to undertake one full day’s professional development training in the new guidelines for Child Protection.

The Act on which the training is based comes into law on 11th March 2018 and the staff training therefore has to be completed before that date. While this is unreasonably short notice to give schools and parents to make alternative arrangements, every school is in the same position and we simply have to choose a day before 11th March to be compliant in this critical aspect of our work. Many other school events have already been planned to take place before 11th March, which leaves very few available dates. Therefore we have decided to do our training day on Monday, 26th February, which means there will be no school for the children on that day.

The second day that teachers are obliged to attend training in the near future is Tuesday, 6th March. The content of this training pertains to the teaching of written language. We were informed about this earlier in the year and were therefore able to give you plenty of notice in advance of the day.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused. I’m sure that you understand this was out of our school’s control and I hope that each family has sufficient time to make arrangements for supervising their children on these two dates.

Kind regards,