Fun & Learning in Room 11

Hi All,

Just a little update from Grace’s Class. We have had a busy January and February to-date with lots of exciting events.  Recently, we celebrated Friendship week which was a huge success with all the children. During this week we had a ‘secret buddy’, we used a ‘Random Act of Kindness Jar’ in our classroom, we covered numerals friendship lessons and completed some lovely friendship art with our handprints.

We were very busy learning about Magnets in Science which was very interesting for all the children. Here are some pictures of the children, testing to see what materials magnets could attract.  We used a variety of different objects to test this. Metals, such as iron found in nails, steel found in paperclips and nickel found in money proved to be attracted to the magnets. Items such as the wooden spoon or glass jar were not attracted.

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Another interesting lesson we done this term included an experiment to show how hot and cold water have different affects on the inflating of a balloon. Why don’t you ask your children about it at home? :)

We have also been learning about Tom Crean, an Irish explorer who travelled and discovered Antarctica.  We created ships, like the Terra Nova that Tom Crean travelled in, in our Art class. We also wrote letters to our Mums and Dads, pretending we were Tom Crean, writing all the way from Antarctica.  Here is our work on display in our classroom.


With Literacy Week next week, we have so many other interesting activities planned and cant wait to share some more pictures and updates with you all soon :)