Hello from Room 18!

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a very busy first half term in first class. We have all settled in and made lots of new friends. We were also very lucky to welcome some new students to the school- Ramona, Alima and Khuzaima.

We had great fun learning and taking part in different activities in the classroom such as, learning about our senses, building our own dream houses, building the three little pig’s houses, researching and creating autumn animal projects, collecting and sorting autumn leaves, and much more! (Have a look at the pictures below to see an example of some of these).

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One of the main highlights from this half term was participating in Maths week. We had great fun taking part in estimation stations, making our own Maths eyes posters and creating Math’s songs. One group even thought of a great song to remember the story of 15!

We would also like to give a big thanks to all the children’s families who helped us with our learning in history so far. As part of the children’s homework they had to interview a family member about games from the past, houses from the past and household items from the past. We we’re even lucky enough to see examples and pictures of some of these (one of our favourite items from the past, included seeing Adam’s family doll which has been passed down from generation to generation).

After mid- term we are very excited to continue taking part in the MS Readathon. This is a great initiative which fundraises for those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, which also encourages the children to read for fun.

I hope everyone enjoyed their mid- term break and that the children are ready for more fun and learning!

Sarah :)