Litter and Waste

Theme 1: Litter and Waste

We are working towards getting our first Green Schools Flag this year. The first theme is Litter and Waste. We are all working together at home and in school to maintain our environment and keep it litter free. Please find some recycling tips below from

Here is our Green Schools Committee:

green school photo

This is our Green Code:

Green School Code

If we all work together we can help stop pollution

Using the green bin properly is part of the solution.

Paper, plastic, cardboard and magazines

Is all our green bins want to keep our environment clean.

recycling symbol

Tips for your home

  • Make space next to your rubbish bin for a recycle bin and kitchen caddy, then it’s as simple to recycle as it is to throw away.
  • Many supermarkets have bring banks, so make your weekly shopping trip your recycling trip too. You’ll save on time and fuel.
  • Keep your cardboard and paper clean and dry. Flatten cardboard boxes and fold used paper rather than scrunching it up. It takes up less space in recycling bins.
  • Use reusable boxes or bags for collecting your glass recyclables and bringing them to the bottle bank.  Separate glass by colour for bottle banks – clear, green and brown.
  • Make sure tins and cans are washed, rinsed and squashed with the lids placed inside. This makes more room in your recycling bin.
  • Make sure aluminium food trays are washed and any food is removed. Squash the tray, if there is more than one tray, squash them together.
  • Make sure your plastic bottles are washed, rinsed and squashed with the lids removed.
  • Wrap food waste in old newspapers before putting it in your brown bin – this keeps flies away and stops your bin from smelling.
  • Bring your old batteries and electrical items to a recycling centre or a shop that collects them.

Tips for school

Did you know that old batteries and old phones can be recycled in our school. Some tips for children’s lunches include: using a reusable lunchbox that can be brought to school everyday. Use a bottle that can be used every day and refilled with water. Try to limit the use of plastic sandwich bags and tin foil as these are not good for the environment.

reusable bottle lunchbox

Recycling Centres in Dublin 15

A lot of supermarkets and shopping centres have bottle banks in their car parks. Please find information below for Coolmine Recycling Centre.

Coolmine Recycling Centre: Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15.  Beside Coolmine Fire Station.
Telephone: (01) 890 5986

Find out more information about Litter and Waste on

Green School Anthem – ‘Can’t Stop Recycling’

I got this feeling inside my bones

I want to recycle at school and at home.

When I see litter that’s being thrown

I get to work because I’m in the green zone.

I put those wrappers in my pocket into the green bin,

recycle yoghurt cartons but make sure first that they’re clean.

Green bins take paper and plastic, drinks cans, cardboard and magazines.

Helping the world stop pollution, that’s our dream.

And in the brown bin where all your waste goes,

fruit and vegetables, cut grass and bones.

We also recycle old batteries and phones,

Just recycle, just recycle, just recycle….

Recycling litter and waste makes me want to dance, dance, dance,
feeling good helping mother nature makes me dance, dance.

All those things you put in brown bins like plants, plants, plants,

ain’t nobody stopping soon so keep recycling.

Can’t stop recycling, just dance, dance, dance,

can’t stop recycling, in Hansfield.

Here is a video of Joe’s Class performing the song. The lyrics are below. Try your best to sing along!

Hansfield Vimeo