A lot of work is carried out by all classes at Hansfield in the STEM (science, technoloogy, engineering and maths) subjects.  Much fun is had with them too! Among the exciting learning activities so far this year were science experiments, a coding and robotic club, visits to Trinity College and Hansfield ETSS for science workshops, interviews with scientists,  visits from scientists, maths trails, maths week activities, tadpole watch and a hatching  project.

In fact, we are so proud of our achievements that we decided to show off our work to parents and the wider community by holding a STEM showcase in April this year. The children did a terrific job at explaining their class projects.  Our expert photographer Maximilian Cope took some super pictures on the day…….

This year we decided to apply for an award to recognise the work we do in STEM. You can view our application to the Science Foundation of Ireland here.

STEM at Hansfield

Here are some photos of our STEM showcase!

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